Ten Track Mind started as a writing exercise. Start each day with a 10 minute brainstorm, reflecting on past travel experiences and listing 10 memorable moments for each. The immediate goal was to warm up to some academic writing I had been putting off. But, as I started to list my favorite activities in each destination, I realized I had unintentionally created a gratitude journal, centered around the places I have visited.


As my collection grew, I decided to take the leap and share my thoughts with you.



I am an introvert at heart: a homebody whose safe place has always been my bed. I somehow ended up a ‘nomad’ (that’s how a first date once described me), continuinly forcing myself outside of my ever-growing comfort zone by living abroad. My only hope is that reading my top ten lists will inspire you to enjoy your day- whether it is during a vacation or at home in a daydream-and encourage you to open your mind to new experiences.