10 Hidden Streets to Explore in Charleston

When I first moved to Charleston for college ten years ago, I fell hard. The accent, the food (oh yes, Five Loaves, I’m talking to you), and the sea air created this electric ambiance that inspired long-lived friendships and a lifelong respect for this magical city. From the first day, I wandered the cobblestone streets in deep conversation and picnicked on park benches and, today, not much has changed. After a recent trip, visiting my mother who has graciously retired in the Holy City, I snapped my top 10 favorite hidden streets. These are the ones I come back to every visit, but they always feel fresh and just mine.

1. College Way


College Way Charleston

2. Archdale Street

 Archdale Street

3. Tradd Street

Tradd Street Charleston

4. Legare Street


Legare Street Charleston, South Carolina

5. Lamboll Street


Lamboll Street Charleston, South Carolina

6. Murray Boulevard


Murray Boulevard Charleston, South Carolina

7. Longitude Lane


Longitude Lane Charleston, South Carolina

8. South Adgers Wharf


South Adgers Wharf Charleston, South Carolina

9. Elliot Street


Elliot Street Charleston, South Carolina

10. Chalmers Street


Chalmers Street Charleston, South Carolina