10 Best Animal Horror Films

As a child, any suspenseful film moment can seem scary. Before you know how real fear feels, that deep-seated pit in your stomach is so novel, so strange that you can’t help but want to feel it again. I have always loved horror animal movies for that sensation; they aren’t psychologically scary enough to leave you in sweats, but instead leave you wanting more thrills, like you did as a kid.

Here’s a list of my favorite scary animal films: some are classics, while others are unquestionably budget films. Many of them have wonderfully horrific taglines, which I have also listed for your comedic pleasure. These are the kind of films you can even watch alone (if you dare), so grab some popcorn and treat yourself to some thrills.

1. Black Sheep

There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand AND THEY’RE PISSED OFF!”

Black Sheep Film

2. Anaconda

“When you can’t breathe you can’t scream”

Anaconda Film

3. Arachnophobia

“Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude.”

Arachnophobia Film

4. Cujo

“Now there’s a new name for terror.”

Cujo Film

5. Lake Placid

“You’ll never know what bit you”

Lake Placid Film

6. Jaws

“You’ll never go in the water again.”

Jaws Film

7. Header

“…and remember, the next cream you hear may be your own!”

The Birds

8. Sharknado

“Enough said!”

Sharknado Film

9. Bats

“Where do you hide when the dark is alive?”

Bats Film

10. Jurassic Park

“An adventure 65 million years in the making”

Jurassic Park Film